The revelation of stem cells

Pioneers in the cosmetics industry for research on stem cells in the skin and hair, L’Oréal's Research and Innovation teams draw insights for new anti-aging strategies from their knowledge of stem cells.

Stem cell culture
Stem cell culture
Cultivated in vitro, a single stem keratinocyte from the epidermis can produce more than 100 billion keratinocytes, or the equivalent of the skin surface of 1,000 adults!

A reservoir of innovation

Our skin is the reservoir of several types of adult stem cells, that are responsible for renewing the epidermis, the dermis, hair and nails, or even ensuring the formation of scar tissue and repair of the skin in the event of aggression. Rare but imbued with an impressive potential for proliferation, these cells are of course of capital interest for cosmetics. L’Oréal's Researchers have been interested in them for a long time and have forged many collaborations in this field with international scientific teams. Their ambition? To develop new strategies to prevent and treat the aging of skin more effectively and, in the future, to advance to new applications in the realm of beauty.