A world-wide approach to beauty rituals

How do men and women from around the world carry out their daily beauty and skin care routine? Thanks to geocosmetics, L’Oréal observes and analyses the rituals on every continent in order to create the innovative products of the future.

How many minutes does a Chinese woman devote to her morning beauty ritual? How do people wash their hair in Bangkok? How many brush strokes does a Japanese woman or a French woman use to apply mascara? These beauty routines, repeated thousands of times, are inherently cultural. Passed on by tradition, influenced by climate and by local living conditions, they strive to achieve an ideal of perfection that is different from one country and from one continent to the next. They provide an incredibly rich source of information for L’Oréal Research. Behind these routines, there are physiological realities: fine, straight and short eyelashes cannot be made-up the same way as thick, curled and long lashes.