Marc Menesguen
President Consumer Products Division

Born in 1955, at L’Oréal since 1985

Marc Menesguen, Managing Director of Strategic Marketing

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A graduate of HEC, and with 5 years of Marketing experience at Unilever, Marc Menesguen joined L’Oréal in 1985 as Product Manager. Two years later, he was named Marketing Manager - L’Oréal Paris France. After 1990, he served as Managing Director of L’Oréal Paris – United Kingdom and soon afterward Managing Director of L’Oréal Paris – France. In 1996, he became President of Lancôme International. In 2000, the group appointed him President of L’Oréal Japan. He remained there for four years. Deputy General Manager of L’Oréal Luxury Products Division in 2004, he was appointed one year later as Vice-President. Since 2011, he has been Managing Director Strategic Marketing Department for the group.