L’Oréal, Annual General Meeting Bronze Trophy

L’Oréal recognized by a new Annual General Meeting Trophy.

For the seventh year running, Le Revenu (a French financial weekly), in conjunction with ANAF (the French National Shareholders' Association) and Publicis Consultants Ecocom, has singled out three CAC 40 companies for excellence in their AGMs. L'Oréal received the Bronze Trophy.

Out of the nine criteria taken into account to determine the winners, L'Oréal was ranked first for corporate management, and third for the presentation of its strategy and statement of results. Improved adherence to the rules of good conduct on the part of senior executives was a key issue at AGMs in 2001, and the recognition L'Oréal received for its efforts in the area of transparency helped to raise the company's profile in this respect.

The group also scores highly on its pre-AGM information and the quality of the documentation given to its shareholders. L'Oréal also distinguished itself by its originality, receiving a "best initiative" rating. The showing of a film on Women of Science and the make-up demonstration on the lorealparis.com website were very much appreciated.