Lindsay Owen-Jones, Best European Manager

Thanks to his innovative management, Lindsay Owen-Jones has been voted best manager of a European company.

He insists on the technological quality of his products, which guarantees a long market life. “We have increased research budgets in good years and bad,” he points out. This strategic choice is a way of favoring long-term investments rather than immediate profit.

Mr. Lindsay Owen-Jones adds, “Our corporation depends on women, and not only as clients. Two thirds of the L’Oréal researchers working on long-term projects are women. Moreover, to promote new scientific vocations the world over, L’Oréal and UNESCO have created a joint five-year program called “For Women in Science”. The purpose of the joint program is to encourage women to take up careers in science and in fundamental research.

L’Oréal’s President has also opted for quality in terms of organization. He doesn’t hesitate to entrust his younger managers with important projects. Another example of the forward-looking spirit that earned L’Oréal’s CEO the respect and admiration of Europe’s financial and economic journalists.
The title of “Best European CEO” most particularly honors Lindsay Owen-Jones' qualities as a visionary. In his own words: “Ours is a useful profession that helps people feel better about themselves and in their relationships with others. This is a profession in which you must be half administrator and half poet.”