L’Oréal’s outstanding reputation

L’Oréal ranks first in the "reputation quotient" for companies.

The financial dailies The Wall Street Journal Europe, Handelsblatt in Germany and La Tribune in France just published the results of a survey conducted by the Reputation Institute, an American organization, and Harris Interactive, the survey institute, on the reputation of various companies in Great Britain, Germany, France and Northern Europe. This survey is being conducted in the United States for 5 years.

This year, the “reputation quotient” was used for the first in France to evaluate the reputation of companies. The ranking, which singles out the largest French and international companies (Danone, Microsoft, Peugeot-Citroën, Carrefour, Air France, etc.), places L’Oréal in first place.

L’Oréal received the top marks in 4 of the 6 selection criteria: financial performance, appeal, vision and leadership, products and services. The company ranked 2nd for human resources and 3rd for social responsibility. Generally speaking, it seems that Europeans – and especially the French - judge their companies more harshly than Americans. The marks received by French companies were lower than those of American companies of equal ranking. Overall, consumers in each country admired local companies the most: Porsche ranked no. 1 in Germany, Ikea in Sweden, etc.