L’Oréal, the ideal employer for European students

L’Oréal maintains its very strong position in 2007 as an employer of choice.

This year, the Universum panel comprised over 16,000 students in the 100 top schools and universities of 19 European countries. The survey results confirm L’Oréal’s continued preference among Business students, and its third-place ranking among the ideal employers in Europe. Cited by students as the top-ranking employer in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods category, L’Oréal’s score closely trails that of two well-known consulting firms.

L’Oréal also emerged as a star in the Trendence ranking. 19,000 students in 18 European countries were questioned about their choice of companies in which to work and asked to give their reasons. The first place in the ranking went to L’Oréal as the ideal employer, with Business students citing the interest of the job offered as the primary reason for their choice in 2007.