L’Oréal attracts graduates

L’Oréal, at the top of the list of preferred companies for young graduates of engineering and business schools in France.

More than the declarative data provided by students about their ideal employer, it is the number of hits on internship and employment opportunities at major companies on the intranets of France's grandes écoles that best demonstrate their interest. The French business schools most often chosen by students remain essentially the same year on year, with L'Oréal always riding high in the top three of their favorite businesses. In 2007, it was among engineers and scientists that the Group made a difference. The highly respectable fifth place 5th place achieved by L'Oréal in the ranking is proof of the "attention it pays to all sectors, not just business or marketing, but also the research that develops the formulas of tomorrow or the logisticians who develop the distribution supply chains," says François de Wazières, International Recruitment Director for the Group. "Recruitment is a key feature at L'Oréal." The Group ensures it has the resources to attract the best candidates in all areas. Through its "Business Games", L'Oréal continues to target students of marketing (L'Oréal Brandstorm) engineering (L'Oréal Ingenius) and management (L'Oréal EStrat), while 2007 also saw the launch of an R&D game in France (L'Oréal Innovation Lab). The Group thus covers a wider range of basic areas to reflect the various profiles, training backgrounds and interests of students.